4 Easy Ways to Insert Pictures in PowerPoint Slides!

Pictures are visual aids that are often used in presentations. Pictures are able to explain the intent of the presenter in delivering the material.

Likewise in presentations, we often use images on presentation slides. Where the image must be adapted to the material to be brought later.

There is even a presenter who only uses the image function and a little writing to convey a certain point. So great is the function of images in explaining something. For that, you need to know how to insert images on presentation slides. How to? Let’s see the following explanation.

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4 Ways to Insert an Image on a Slide

Before you insert an image on a slide, you must determine the material that will be presented to the audience so that it can take pictures that fit the theme. Open the Microsoft Powerpoint application, and start writing material on the slides.

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1. On the slide to be filled, there is usually a picture icon in the layout. Click the picture icon to insert the picture into the slide.

2. Select the image you want to insert into the slide. Then, click Insert .2- select picture

3. Now, the image that you selected has been added to the slide. Now, you just need to adjust the position and size of the image.

4. The next way is to use the Insert tab. Click the Insert tab, then select pictures.

3. Copy and Paste

The next way is to take advantage of the copy-paste feature.

Open the folder where you saved the image to be inserted. Then, press ctrl+c on the keyboard.

Then, hover over the slide whose image you want to insert. Press ctrl+v on the keyboard.

4. Drag and drop

In the drag and drop section, this is a fairly easy way. Why? Because you will only drag the photo in question, then drop the photo into your slide.

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How easy isn’t it? This is an explanation of how to insert photos into slides. From the four methods above, you are free to choose whichever one suits your needs. Hopefully useful and can be applied in everyday life. Thank you and good luck with the tutorial above!

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