10 Best Universities In The World 2021

Studying or continuing education abroad must be everyone’s dream. With such a big name, all universities dare to offer their best quality for the younger generation to get an education.

Various well-known universities abroad are often at the forefront of pioneering an invention that can change the world. Not to mention the graduates who have been poor across the professional world. And because of this the name of the university became very high.

10 Best Universities In The World

But do you know the top 10 universities in the world in 2021 version? So here’s a list that will surely make you passionate about achieving your dreams.

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

According to the QS Ranking 2021, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has won the position of the first best university in the world. The proud University of the United States has proven itself to have great qualities from all sides.

Starting from its strategic location in Cambridge. Adjacent to the Charles River and adjacent to Kendal Square which is known as a meeting place for great discoveries ensures this area supports the focus of learning and great motivation of students.

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In terms of research achievements, research, and graduates, MIT has proven to be recognized worldwide. All three can be seen from the high standards in the six schools provided.

And you can see traces of the university’s success from legendary astronauts Buzz Aldrin and Koffi Annan, the 7th Secretary of the United Nations.

2. Stanford University

No less than MIT, Stanford University takes a super strategic area. Located in the state of California right among office areas like Yahoo, Google, and other world-class technology companies. This position will definitely make the students continue to be enthusiastic, here.

Moreover, with the dormitory facilities provided, students only need to walk to go to campus

If the school of your dreams isn’t available at MIT, this university can be your choice because it opens up opportunities in the faculties of medicine, law, science and humanities, engineering, education, earth, and business.

Strengthening its excellence, the academic research produced is able to be ranked 4th in the world. You can see evidence of this excellence from graduates such as Larry Page and Sergey Brin who created Google.

3. Harvard University

Many people dream of having a golden opportunity to study at the oldest university in the United States.

With academic research achievements being ranked as the seventh best in the world according to The Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2021, it is enough to prove that this university is desirable.

For 9 kinds of schools and 1 institute that is sheltered, Harvard University chose to put the lecture building into several areas. The main campus is located right at Harvard Yard, while the other campuses are in the Allston and Longwood areas.

As a large university, Harvard claims to be a university with the most complete collection of library books in the world which includes collections from all parts of the world.

You can see the greatness of Harvard in polishing the intellectuality of its students from the actions of Mark Zuckerberg to build Facebook and the President of the United States Barack Obama.

4. University of Oxford

Holding the title of the oldest university in the UK, the University of Oxford remains a dream campus for all young people in the world, whether they want to pursue a bachelor’s degree or continue their education to a doctorate.

Not without reason, one of which is due to the achievement of academic research results which managed to take the first place in the world in 2021.

Like the UK university system in general, this university has 39 colleges under its auspices spread throughout the city. All of them have majors in the natural sciences, social sciences, to the arts.

With such a high number of applicants, this prestigious university certainly sets a large investment in education costs. Especially for postgraduate to doctoral programs, this is still possible with the Rhodes Scholarship and Clarendon Scholarship programs which are open to all graduates of world universities.

5. California Institute of Technology (Caltech)

Equally established in the United States with a specialty in engineering and technology, the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) emerged as MIT’s strongest rival.

Despite the fierce competition, Caltech proved its quality by holding the operations of the Jet Propulsion laboratory which was previously under the control of NASA.

The quality is further strengthened by the existence of faculties of mathematics and astronomy in addition to faculties that focus on science in the fields of engineering and technology.

When you become a Caltech student, you will find a unique habit. Where semester exams can be done together. This is allowed because the task given is notoriously difficult.

Thanks to these tasks, Caltech has been able to produce great alumni who have won Nobel Prizes. One of them is Charles Richter, a pioneer Seismologist whose name is immortalized in the current earthquake measurement unit.

6. ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology)

Even though it is ranked 6th in the world, for the university category that focuses on engineering and technology, ETH Zurich is ranked second in the world.

With competitive rankings, this university has a very dense curriculum program when compared to other Swiss universities. So it is not surprising that previously it has produced world’s leading experts who have won the Nobel Prize, including Albert Einstein.

To ensure the ability of its students, ETH Zurich has a system of compulsory basic courses for undergraduate students who have passed one year of study. If you don’t meet the minimum score, you have to redo the whole thing.

Because under the jurisdiction of the German state, the language used for undergraduate programs is also German. While the language of instruction for postgraduate and doctoral programs is English.

7. University of Cambridge

Named the best university in the world’s top ten, the University of Cambridge has 31 colleges ready to welcome the best generations from around the world.

With the division of the college system , all student activity centers, from lecture buildings to libraries, are located throughout the Cambridge city area.

Different from the universities in the previous ranking, the University of Cambridge offers a much more comprehensive choice of faculties covering all fields of knowledge.

Not only the completeness of the faculties, the calculation of academic research also becomes the calculation of the quality of a university. And no kidding, this university places itself in the top three in the world in 2021.

Among the alumni who have achieved success, there are the names of Prince Charles and Stephen Hawking to Charles Darwin who have made the name of the alma mater proud.

8. University College London (UCL)

This university is one of the universities that is able to expand its reach abroad. When the central building is right in the city of London, other campuses choose Qatar as a suitable location, precisely in Doha.

In order to answer the needs, University College London has prepared 11 faculties that can be chosen by prospective students with 100 institutions with them. Although there are quite a few faculty options available, UCL shows its quality by joining the Russell Group , which is known as the UK’s leading academic research association.

And to support students, there are 17 libraries built in the main campus area.

What about the graduates? It is noted that world figures have received education at this university, one of which is Mahatma Gandhi. And another figure is the famous Hollywood director, Christopher Nolan.

9. Imperial College London

How about this one university? Located in the South Kesington area of ​​London, this area is still full of greenery which makes the journey to campus fresher.

In addition to refreshing, this track can be passed by students on foot. Access to the lecture building is even easier with Tube lines and buses.

And the facilities don’t stop with the ease of access. Imperial College London also supports the interests and talents of its students with gym facilities and music rooms.

Complete with the convenience of the facilities provided, in fact the attraction of this university does not lie here. The university environment is noted to be much more multi-cultural because it accepts 59% more foreign students than domestic students. Even this acceptance is open from 140 countries.

And don’t get me wrong, this university’s research achievement ranking is in the top 10 in the world, you know!

10. University of Chicago

Besides being located in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago, the University of Chicago also has other campuses in Hong Kong, Paris, London, Beijing and even New Delhi.

Each program has a varying number of schools. For undergraduate programs there are 5 kinds of schools, and the same is true for postgraduate programs. While the professional program concentrates the field into 7 professional schools.

Supporting the progress of its students, the university certainly equips itself with a library that collects the largest number of physical books in the United States. The number of libraries has now reached 6 buildings that divide the entire school.

This progress was further demonstrated when this university succeeded in pioneering the discovery of the world’s first man-made nuclear reaction.

Especially if it is not supported by quality research that has successfully ranked the 9th best in the world in 2021.

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