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Car Insurance Companies List In India 2022

Car Insurance Companies

Auto insurance helps you reduce financial liabilities arising from accidents involving your car, such as B-traffic accidents, fires, thefts, natural disasters, etc. Must have at least one insurance. There are currently 25 insurance companies providing auto insurance in India. The best car insurance company Auto insurance helps you to reduce the financial liability arising due …

Exploring Facial Recognition Technology, Good or Bad

Exploring Facial Recognition Technology, the Good and the Bad

The explosion of smartphone adoption in everyday life has led to the application of facial recognition technology which is also growing rapidly. This technology adds a very strong layer in terms of device security. Using biometric analysis, this technology utilizes facial mapping to unlock the device, comparing it to the scanned face with the one …

Meta Makes Gloves To Feel The Metaverse

Meta Makes Gloves To Feel The Metaverse

One of the challenges that need to be addressed in developing a comprehensive metaverse is how to emulate tactile sensations. Accepting this challenge, a team at Meta’s research lab developed a haptic glove that is extremely comfortable, customizable, and most importantly, can produce a range of sensations in the virtual world including textures, pressures and …

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