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Take a look at the Supercar Trash in Dubai

Rolls-Royce rusak parah

This trash can is different from the usual trash can. This is because this trash can is filled with automotive waste such as supercars that are no longer used by their owners. Regarding the reasons for not being used anymore, most of these cars are damaged in accidents so that they cannot be repaired for one reason or another. The supercar …

The 5 Most Fastest-Speedy Cars In The World

Most Fastest-Speedy Cars In The World

The newest supercar with maximum performance has been produced by a number of automotive manufacturers in the world. This car is also sold very expensive, so it is said that only certain people can afford it. Even the online site Forbes, has summarized the 5 most expensive cars on planet Earth that some people also crave. The high cost …

The 5 Most Expensive Cars In The World

Most Expensive Cars In The World

Many people dream of a car. Let’s face it: owning our own car makes life easier (although many would say that it makes it harder when we consider car chaos in many cities). However, if we think of the dream of luxury cars, which cost millions of dollars, which reach unimaginable speeds in two or …