How to Archive Classes in Google Classroom

When teaching in Google Classroom, you need to create a class first. You can use this class feature to deliver material, make announcements and much more.

For example, if you teach in many classes and the class history interferes with the appearance of Google Classroom, it is recommended to archive the class after you finish giving lessons.

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Well, talking about how to archive classes in Google Classroom, unfortunately, there are still many who don’t know. Therefore, here I will discuss the method in full.

Classroom Archiving Function in Google Classroom

Before I discuss how it’s a good idea to first know the functions of archiving classes in Google Classroom. Here are some of its functions:

  • Make Google Classroom look neater or less cluttered
  • Make it easier for you to access the next class you want to teach
  • Save class history that is not used, so that it can be opened again if one day is needed
  • As one of the steps to delete the class

How to Archive Classes in Google Classroom

Archiving classes in Google Classroom can be said to be very easy. Here you just need to select the advanced settings of the class, then select the archive menu.

Later the class you choose will be automatically archived. Please just follow these steps for more details:

1. First, please open a browser, then open Google Classroom first.

2. After that, click the three-dot icon in the class you want to archive.

Open Google Classroom in Browser

3. Continue to select the Archive option.

Archive Menu in Classroom
4. A notification message will appear, please click Archive to confirm it.

Class Archive Confirmation in Classroom
5. Done.

How to View Class Archives in Classroom

In general, archived classes no longer appear on the Google Classroom Classes page. Instead, it will be saved and moved to a special page.

If you want to know how to view class archives in Classroom, here are the steps:

1. Please click the three-line icon first.

Click the Three Line Icon in Classroom

2. Then select the Archived Classes menu.

Select the Class You Want to Archive

3. Later all archived classes will appear on this page.

4. Done.

How to Delete Classroom Class Archives

Once archived, you can only delete the class or can also restore it. Because as we know, if this delete feature doesn’t exist when the class is still on the main page.

Well, if you want to know how to delete Classroom class archives and how to restore them, you can check the steps below:

1. Open the archived Classes page first.

2. Then click the three-dot icon in one of the classes you want to delete.

3. After that, select the Delete option.

4. If there is a notification message, please click delete again to confirm it.

5. Meanwhile, to restore/ restore a class, please click the three-dot icon in another class.

6. Then select Restore.

7. A recovery notification message will appear, please click Restore again.

8. Finally, please check the restored class on the main page.

9. Done.

The final word

In Google Classroom, we can archive classes, so that they can be accessed again whenever we want.

For the method as described. Archive settings can be accessed on a special page, and classes that are archived later in addition to being accessible again can also be permanently deleted.

If you have further questions regarding this class archive feature, please write it down and just ask for details via the comments column below.

Hope it is useful.

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