How to Change Name in Google Meet Meeting

When you join a Google Meet video conference you can usually see the names of the other participants.

Sometimes there are people who already use the real name, but sometimes there are also those who have not used it.

This Google Meet name account generally follows the Gmail account settings. And if you want to change it to another name, of course, it’s still possible.

Here I want to discuss a little about how to change the name in Google Meet. Via PC / laptop or HP.

How to Change Google Meet Name on PC / Laptop

As mentioned earlier, because this name setting follows the email, then you have to open the Google account settings that are used.

There renaming can be done. For a more complete way, please check these steps:

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1. First open the browser first. Here I am using Google Chrome.

2. Then visit the Google Meet site.

3. Click the Google account profile at the top and select Manage your Google Account.

Go to Google Meet Settings

4. Next select the Personal Info tab and please click the Name column.

Google Meet Name Field Options

5. After that, please change the name as you wish.

6. If you have, click the Save button.

Changing Google Account Base Name

7. Finally, try to access Google Meet again and enter the meeting room.

8. Here your Google Meet name has been successfully changed.

Example of Successfully Rename Google Meet

9. Done.

In this example, I am trying to change the name of Leskompi Admin to Account Leskompi.

Oh yes, so that the new name can be applied, you must first refresh the Google Meet page.

How to Change Google Meet Name on Mobile

For the Google Meet application on HP, the method is more or less the same. It’s just that you have to access the Google account profile menu via the Google Meet application directly.

After that, then there you can find the column name and change it. Later Google Meet will automatically use the new name that is applied.

Here’s how to change the Google Meet name on a cellphone:

1. First, first check your name in Google Meet. Here my Google Meet name is Leskompi Account.

Check Google Meet Name First

2. Then open Google Meet again and tap the profile icon at the top.

3. After that, please tap the Manage your Google Account button.

Menu Manage Your Google Account

4. If you have entered Google settings, please tap the Personal Info tab.

5. Then tap the Name column in the Basic Info settings.

Name Column in Google Meet HP

6. Next, please enter the new name you want to use. For example, here I will change it to the name Admin LesKompi.

7. For example, you can directly tap Save.

Option Apply New Name in Google Meet

8. Finally, double-check your name by entering the meeting room in Google Meet.

Completed Example of Rename Google Meet HP

9. Done.

If you have friends or acquaintances in the Meet meeting room, maybe you can try asking if your account name has changed or not.

If not, please try repeating the steps above again, making sure you haven’t missed anything.

The final word

Well, that’s more or less how to change the name of Google Meet that you can try to apply. Whether it’s through the PC or laptop version of Google Meet or through the HP application.

Again, even though the device is different, the way to change the account name is more or less the same. Because Google Meet is indeed integrated directly into your Gmail account.

For example, if you still have questions about changing your Google Meet name, you can just send your questions directly to the comments column.

Hope it is useful.

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