How To See Deleted Tweets: Finding Deleted Tweets

See Deleted Tweets: Twitter is one of the most popular social platforms where millions of people share their thoughts and daily activities. According to recent studies, there are around 199 million active users in 2021. You will be surprised to know that people approximately share 500 million tweets every day. So much engagement! 

Some people tweet randomly, while others tweet about a particular scenario in their lives or society. However, people often instantly or after a certain time delete their tweets. But do you have any idea how to see deleted tweets? 

Thinking you could not see them? Surely, you can if know the right method. This article will exactly cover how to see deleted tweets in an easy approach. Let’s move on!

How To See Deleted Tweets With Easy Method

Twitter Archive! You must be well-known to it as a regular Twitter user. You can think Twitter archive as your personal server of your Twitter account.  From the very first day you opened your account till now, everything you have shared, tweeted, all direct messages, and whatever activities you have done with your account, Twitter stores every single data there.

Even if you delete your posts, you could still find them on the Twitter Archive. All you need to go to the Twitter Archive panel from the settings option and download everything from there.

However, you can’t see the downloaded file without a Twitter archive viewer. But the good news is that you don’t need to install any extra applications to see them. Your normal web browser can help you to see the file. For this, you need to follow two easy steps to see the deleted tweets. 

Step 1 — Finding the Archive File

First of all, you need your PC “Download” or any other place where you have saved it. As the file is a Zip version, you need to have “RAR” or similar software to extract it. 

After extracting the file, find a file named “You’re achieving” and open it.

Step 2 — opening the Archive File

After opening the file, you will be redirected to your default web browser. You can find all your deleted tweets from there. 

That’s all! Both latest and old deleted tweets will appear on your browser from the file option. 

However, you can’t repost them as you are offline. Either you will take a screenshot of your deleted tweet and post it again. Or, copy the text from there and repost it as a new tweet. 

How To See Deleted Tweets from Google Caches

“Google” is a software program; not just a typical search engine. This powerful platform can help users to do a wide range of things aside from searching. So, why not use a trick to see deleted tweets by using the Google caches? These are the steps you want to follow to learn how to see deleted tweets from Google caches. 

Step 1 — Searching Twitter Page

First of all, you want to visit the Google search page and look for your Twitter page. Your page is supposed to appear at the top when searching it. 

You will notice a down array sign at the right side of your page URL and click on it. 

Step 2 —Cached File

Once you click on the down array sign, an option named “Cached” will come under it. The cached option contains all your previously deleted and current tweets. 

Besides, you can see other people deleted tweets from this option. Hassle-free!

Noted: Seeing deleted tweets with this approach is easy. In fact, it takes seconds to check them out. However, you want to make sure no cache is cleared from your web browser. If yes, it will be difficult for you to see deleted tweets easily. 

How To See Deleted Tweets Of Someone

You have already learned how to see deleted tweets of your own. But can you follow the same method to see other tweets? You can follow the second method to see other deleted tweets. 

However, we are still mentioning some other easy ways to see deleted tweets of someone. 

1. Internet Archive – Wayback Machine

The Internet Archive – Wayback Machine is a well-known site, which allows you to see deleted tweets of others.

You just need to enter a person or page username and select a schedule to see a particular time of deleted posts. 

Here is the way:

  • First of all, you will visit the from your browser.
  • When their website appears, put down the profile or page username that you want to check. 
  • After that, select the Browse History option
  • Next, choose a schedule to see a particular time deleted post
  • Once you select the date, the deleted text and pictures will appear at the mentioned time. 


 Here comes another user-friendly website, allowing you to see the deleted tweets easily. All you need is just to enter the Twitter username, and it will display all deleted tweets from a particular profile or page. 

Is It Possible To See Pictures With Deleted Tweets?

Sometimes it is possible, and sometimes not. When a Twitter user uploads a picture with text, a separate link is available for the photo. 

If you have that link, you can see and download the picture. However, without the URLs, you may not find the picture while seeing the deleted tweets.   

Final Thought

Several ways are available to see deleted tweets for your account and other accounts. Apart from trying these methods, you will often see some other accounts are already sharing those deleted tweets via screenshot.

It mainly occurs when a tweet goes viral and hundreds or thousands of users re-tweet it. However, it is unethical as you are sharing anyone’s tweet without their approval. They may request Twitter to remove the post if people are using it to defame them.

But, one thing is pretty sure we should always think about before posting any tweet or picture on social media. Once you post something, you may not do anything to stop it. Someone may already copy or save your tweet, though you have deleted it, especially on a hot topic. 

Hopefully, you have learned how to see deleted tweets for your own account or other accounts. If one method doesn’t work for you, try another. 

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