Microsoft Launches Teams Phone with Calling Plan Service Plan

Microsoft Launches Teams Phone with Calling Plan Service Plan

Microsoft has announced that they will be merging their Microsoft 365 Business Voice service with their new business service, Teams Phone with Calling Plan. Microsoft 365 Business Voice itself is a cloud-based service for telephone systems aimed at small and medium businesses, which was previously integrated with the Microsoft Teams application.

This new service aims to simplify and simplify the decision-making process at the time of purchase and streamline business-class delivery capabilities for small and medium-sized businesses. When describing the new product, Microsoft said:

“Teams Phone with Calling Plan is an all-in-one communication solution that will help small and medium businesses to reduce costs and simplify their operations.

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This new service brings calling, messaging, meeting and collaboration services in one application, allowing users to make calls from anywhere and from any device, including creating online meeting rooms. It combines the essential components of telephone service, namely a telephone system and domestic call services, in one package.”

Businesses who are interested in this offer will be able to start buying it at 33 officially registered stores, through Microsoft partners starting January 1, 2022.

If you want to buy it directly from Microsoft, then you can do it starting January 3, even if your business location is in the United States, United Kingdom or Canada. While those outside the above markets and regions, can get it through Microsoft later than that date.

By using this service, businesses will be able to make safe and reliable calls, while getting a lot of features such as call queues, consultation transfers, automated service, and voicemail transcription.

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This service plan leverages Microsoft’s cloud infrastructure that provides reliable, high-quality audio technology support, powered by AI. Businesses using Microsoft 365 or other Office 365 services will be able to manage these service plans through the same admin console they already have.

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