Popcorn Is Healthier Than You Think & Heres Why

I know what you’re thinking: “Popcorn is definitely not a healthy food!” On the one hand, you are right, on the other hand, I am letting go … Sorry, it’s morning and I’m excited! Popcorn is healthier than most people imagine and I’ll tell you why.

Do it the right way

The most important things come first. To make healthy popcorn, you first need to make sure it is cooked properly. Popcorn in the movies is unfortunately not good for your health. Butter popcorn is also not recommended. So avoid the prepaid microwave option (sorry). You can fill your batch with a few drops of coconut oil and you will be gone!

It is a sacred land of whole grains

Believe it or not, popcorn is the only snack, yes, the only meal and it is 100% raw whole grain. If that doesn’t make sense, how can you stress the 70% probability of taking a whole grain of food every day with just one serving!

Helps you go

What exactly am I talking about? Popcorn has shown signs of curing constipation. You know what you know – once sprinkled you can’t bend … I’m sorry Researchers have found that regular consumption of popcorn increases a person’s fiber intake, which helps many people with constipation.

It’s kind of a fill

It’s so easy to eat popcorn until the Kingdom comes, isn’t it? It is profitable because it is salty, crisp, chewy, and light like dewdrops on lavender. When you eat popcorn, your stomach sends signals to your brain that eating you are eating can reduce your appetite as well as reduce your desire for less healthy snacks like chocolate or french fries.

It contains polyphenols

I’m betting you don’t know! You don’t even know what polyphenols are, but that’s right, neither have I. Scranton University scientists have discovered that popcorn is full of polyphenols – it’s a compound that helps fight inflammation. How does it get a bonus?

It is delicious and versatile

Isn’t popcorn among all the friends we’re “trending”? You can add any cooking or seasoning to your popcorn to transform it into a different flavor. Personally, I prefer a hot mix of pepper and roast but the direction you want is good for handling.

Popcorn for the President

The start of the presidential campaign may be an extension, but at least we can push for the popcorn to become a favorite snack. It is healthy, tasty, and versatile. What more could you ask for? And if that’s not enough for you, remember – if you’re looking for a snatching friend who won’t mind chewing on you during a movie, Popcorn is your ideal partner.