How To Search Multiple Tags on Instagram?

Recently, Instagram is one of the best social networking apps that are rocking the platform. It is gaining more popularity with its constantly updated, amazing, and ever-new features like multiple hashtags.

Nowadays, hashtags are an essential part of all social media platforms, especially on Instagram. It is one of the great ways to get exposure, and more followers get attracted to the platform. 

In fact, most Instagram users search for the most popular hashtags on the internet. They include them in their post captions to make an envy-worthy profile. But most people face when they want to use hashtags without knowing about the searching process of tags on Instagram.

We will show you some great and easy steps and methods on how to search multiple tags on Instagram and use them to your advantage. So stay tuned because we’re about to gain to the fun stuff!

What are Hashtags on Instagram?

Hashtags are key phrases preceded with a hash (#) that you simply add to your stories and posts to form them more discoverable or searchable. Therefore, we have a tendency to use hashtags to give posts identity and facilitate the Instagram rule to rank them in an organized way. 

Once many of us use a similar hashtag over a period of time, it turns into trending on Instagram. Users can even use this hashtag to look for posts with this hashtag. This forms it easier to locate a post.

Most of the time, people use multiple hashtags. This will make the post visible when one of these hashtags is used for an Instagram search.

That’s why Instagram has currently introduced a multi-search feature wherever you could look for posts with a mix of hashtags.

When was a hashtag first used? 

The history of hashtags began with Chris Messina on August 23, 2007. She proposed in a tweet: “how do you feel about using # for groups. As in #barcamp?” Following this, hashtags have become a devoted part of all social media platforms, mostly Instagram. Before Chris, the symbol of hash had been widely used on the web, additionally helping Messina spread his idea of ​​hashtags on Twitter.

How many hashtags to use on Instagram

 Instagram permits you to contain 11 to 30 hashtags in a single post. Due to Instagram limitations, trying to attach more in a caption or comment will stop them from posting. You have to know that Instagram posts with bearable meeting rates contain seven hashtags mostly. The Instagram algorithm can mark the Posts as spam with the above eight hashtags.

How to search multiple tags on Instagram: Search Hashtags on Instagram

To use hashtags properly, you just need to know how to search for hashtags on Instagram. Follow the steps below.

Step 1: Open the Instagram application on your smartphone or browser.

Step 2: Tap on the Search icon, situated right at the lower side of the screen.

Step 3: Write in any word that you desire to look for and click on the ‘Tags’ tab.

Step 4: Once inside the Tags tab, you’ll be able to see a listing of hashtags relevant to the word you included in the search term.

You can pick the options as you like. If you tap on the top, you can see the recent hashtags used in posts.

Search multiple hashtags on Instagram

After learning how to search hashtags on Instagram, you may be thinking about how to search for multiple hashtags on Instagram.

Well, there is no official Instagram feature to use for searching multiple hashtags on Instagram. Still, you can get the outcome by observing the steps.

Step 1: First, click on the search bar for searching multiple tags on Instagram.

Step 2: Write the multiple hashtags that you need to search for. Assured that they are prefixed by a hash (#) and apart by spaces.

Step 3: Now, you’ll get an option of searching with search all or search any. Search any amplifies that from the hashtags put into the search bar. All posts having any of them will be arranged in the search. Search all indicates only content that holds all the hashtags typed in the search bar will be recorded.

It’s like applying a condition of AND and OR on hashtags to display search results. You can also pick both, but basically, that means the search for any because all posts with one of the searched hashtags will show up in the search results.

Another technic to search for multiple tags on Instagram

You can also use third-party tools or other sources that will help you to search for more hashtags on Instagram

There are many social media tracking tools that help to find out multiple hashtags on Instagram. Some of the first-rate monitoring tools are Brand 24, Awario, Keyhole, Hashtagify, RiteTag, Talkwalker, TrackMyHashtag, Twubs, TweetDeck, etc. All Hashtag.

Here, we will take the Brand24 tool as an example. Let’s see the process of searching multiple tags on Instagram using this amazing tool.

  • To search multiple hashtags with the Brand24 monitoring tool, first, you have to open it.
  • Click on Product and choose the Hashtag Search.
  • You have to Sign up and make a new account at this stage.
  • Write the multiple Instagram hashtags that you want to search for.
  • Here you’ll get the option of selecting the language. After selecting your favored language, click on the creative project.
  • The tool will start to collect the result of hashtags from Instagram.
  • You have to connect Facebook/ Instagram with the Brand24 monitoring tool to see the outcome.
  • Tap on the Activate button that is below the Instagram icon.
  • Join your Instagram/Facebook by tapping on the “Manage Facebook/Instagram connection.”
  • Now return to your project. The tool will show all posts of a specific hashtag that has appeared on Instagram.

Final thought

Finally, we can say that now you have learned everything about how to search multiple tags on Instagram. By following the steps, you can simply search multiple hashtags at once and then utilize them in your content as per their visibility or popularity and take advantage of this cool new Instagram feature.

So, why are you waiting? Start the use of the trending hashtags, build your post special and attract your followers.

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