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Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 24 with Urdu subtitle is released. You can watch kurulus osman episode 51 in this website. You will find the video below in the post section.

Hello guys! How will Malhun be saved? Will Kalanoz join the establishment osman staff in the 51st episode? When will Umur understand that the mentality found by the malhun chick belongs to dündar bey?

When will the boran alp rose chick marriage be lived? When will the establishment osman make the season finale? Toga’s right arm died? You can learn the answers to all the questions you are curious about by subscribing to the channel and watching the video without furthering it.

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 24

In the 50th episode, malhun hatun, who went to the inegöl castle to ask for the toga from chocolate, was taken prisoner by falling into the trap of the togay, so Osman Bey asked Osman Bey for the Yarhisar Tekfur against the togay Malhun Hat because he set a trap for the Yarhisar Tekfur on the way, but why did he send a soldier from Osman to the Ottoman as an ambassador black shaman wanted togay! As a result of our analysis, I think that in the 51st episode, Osman Bey will fall into the trap of togay and Mongolians when he goes to the barter place to save the malhun girl and the Yarhisar Tekfur will be killed by Togay.

We will see the scene of war with Osman Bey for the first time since the establishment of the black shaman toga, which will start in Chapter 51, between Noya’s son togay Ertuğrul Gazi son Osman Bey. Do you think togay osman would force the war in war? You can state your opinions in the comments section. If Togay Yarhisar Tekfur was killed while Osman Bey was with him, there would be no one left for the osman to trade against the Malhun Hat, but according to my opinion, Nikola will ask for the Osman in return for the Malhun Hat!

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 24 Urdu Subtitle

When Nikola went to Kostantinyepolice, the emperor told him that he would send Kalanoz to fight with Osman Bey, but Nikolai came to the castle, but we did not see the character of the remaining, I guess an ordinary player will not play the remaining character, and there is still no 51 successful player to revive the remaining 52 characters. I think he may come in the episode, the character of Kaloz, which will be played by a successful actor, can stay in the series for a long time!

Recently, some news sites claim that the bala hat will leave the founding osman staff after 1.2 episodes, but this is not the case now, the bala hatun will continue in the establishment osman staff until the end of the season, if the script is extended, it can continue in the following seasons, this is just my guess! After a few episodes of Malhun’s rescue, we will watch the marriage scene between Osman and Malhun Hatun, and in the following sections and seasons, Osman’s brainchildren will be born.

Dündar Bey had killed the potter idris and escaped from the scene in order not to tell everything to Osman Bey in the previous chapters, but he dropped his mind when he ran away, the malhun girl who found his mind in the 50th episode gave the mentality to his father Umur, both umur bey and malhun chick Osman realized that there was a traitor near the brain, but dündar In the following chapters, after 5 episodes at the latest, both malhun lady and hope will increase their suspicions that she is a brain-dundar brain traitor, and then they will realize that the mentality found by malhun girl belongs to the dundar bey.

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After giving the mind to Osman Bey, Dündar will die at the end of the season, even if he does not die right away! Dündar can escape from the kayı obas after it is understood that he is a traitor! Because of him, his death may be a little late I do not think that Boran alpine establishment will leave the Ottoman staff because there are not many strong and important alps besides the Ottoman brain except for the important number of Göktuğ, the important number of alps who are with the Osman brain right now, the boran alpine will leave the series.

I think that the marriage of boran and rosebud is very difficult to experience right now, among the events, the boran and rosebud marriage will either be experienced towards the end of the season or the bud girl will die before the marriage takes place. It is wondered by most of the audience when the establishment Osman will give the season finale.

The series gives the season finale between May and June every year. If we think that the season finale will be held towards the end of May, if it gives the season finale in June 62 or 63, I think it will close the season in the 65th episode.

In the 50th episode, Cerkutay put the toga into the trap of the Ottoman brain by pretending to be on the side of the toga, and the Mongolian soldiers who fell into the trap of the Ottoman brain and the right-hand man of the toga were defeated by the district, Osman!


I do not think that the becker who got sword strokes by Osman Bey has died anyway, he has just joined the series because there is no strong character next to the toga, we can see the district again in section 52, or you may come to the side of the toga in a more important character. Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 24 Download or Watch In Urdu subtitles.