What is Blender: Create 3D Animation From Today

Animation in this day and age continues to grow. If in the past the animation was only black and white or it looked less clear, now it’s the opposite.

This is because the applications used to create animations are increasingly sophisticated. An example of a famous one is Blender.

Well, here I want to discuss a little about what the Blender application is, and what are the features of this application.

What is Blender App?

Functions of the Blender Application

Blender is an application that serves to create 3D animations, visual effects, 3D objects and games.

Blender is quite popular among computer users, especially for those who are often involved in graphic design.

The reason is that Blender features are quite complete, have low requirements, only require OpenGL support and the application is not paid because it is an open-source type.

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Blender also includes a multi-platform application. This means that it can run on various operating systems. For example Windows, Linux and Mac OS.

Beginning of Blender Developed

This application was originally introduced in 1995. At that time, Blender was immediately observed by an Art Director named Ton Roosendaal, because Blender was said to have great potential.

Finally, Ton Roosendaal, who at that time was funding the animation company NeoGeo, switched to establishing his own company called NaN. NaN’s goal is to create a free animation app.

But sadly NaN doesn’t achieve its goal. So Ton Roosendaal founded a small organization called the Blender Foundation to keep the app alive.

It was under this organization that Blender became popular and continues to grow to this day.

Blender App Functions

The Blender application has many functions. These functions will later be adapted to the needs of the animator. Well, among them:

1. Modeling

In the Blender application, you can create modeling by utilizing the tools in it.

One of the tools that are often used for modeling is Sculpting. This tool is used to design animated characters or objects in Blender.

2. Creating Animations

In addition to modeling, in Blender, you can also create moving animations. This creation is done using the animation tool.

In addition, the animation created can also be conditioned if there is a more complicated movement. For example, make it realistic.

3. Creating Effects and Simulations

Because it serves to create animations, you can also use Blender to create simulations or certain effects.

Examples of simulations are fire, smoke, hail, natural disasters and others.

4. Create an Art Concept

Simply put, this Art Concept is a concept object. The shape is more or less like an illustration.

Well, in Blender Art Concepts can be made. Especially if the object he wants carries a three-dimensional theme.

5. Rendering

Blender also has a rendering feature, which functions to export the output of the created animation into a single data.

The export data can be said to be complete. Examples include images, textures, motion, lighting and other elements.

6. Scripting

Scripting in Blender has several functions, one of which is to enable extensions.

Examples include object extensions, 3D Printing Toolbox, support for export and import of various formats (DirectX, AfterEffects) and object generators (trees, clouds).

The existence of this extension is intended to make it easier to use when creating projects in Blender.

7. Simple Video Editing

Not only serve to create animations, you can also use Blender to edit videos. Because in Blender there are several video editing features.

For example, speeding and slowing, cutting, splicing, audio mixing, chroma vectorscope, adjusting layers, effects and much more.

Advantages of Blender Application

For those of you who want to use the Blender application, of course, you must also know what are the advantages of this application. Well, here are some of them:

1. The Application is Open Source Based

Blender is an open source-based application. That is, the Blender application can be developed by yourself or by others.

For example, if you want to add a certain feature or function, this is possible.

2. Multi-Platform Support

As mentioned earlier, Blender supports multi-platform systems. That is, it can be installed on a variety of computer operating systems.

Examples of supported operating systems are Windows, Linux and Mac OS.

3. Complete Features

Blender is an application that has been around for a long time, and its features are quite complete.

In Blender, you can create animations, games, simulations to make simple video editing applications.

4. Still in Development

Of the various features that exist, until now Blender is still being developed.

This development adapts to existing trends. In addition to features, it can also be in terms of improving performance and graphics quality.

5. Available Free

With its many advantages, Blender is a free application.

To use Blender, you can install it directly through the official website, without the need to buy or subscribe to the application.

The final word

Well, that’s a brief discussion about what the Blender application is. Including the functions and advantages of this application.

Blender is an application that is widely mentioned, especially when discussing three-dimensional design applications. So if you don’t know what Blender is before, hopefully, it can help.

If you have any questions, just post them in the comments.

Hope it is useful.